Astra  was launched in early 2008 to meet the demands of “high quality” and “low cost” compression garments made with U.S. durable fabric. With over fifteen years  of knowledgeable experience in the healthcare industry, Astra places top priority on  the following:
• Integrity
• Accountability and Punctuality
• Quality
• Flexibility
• Ingenuity
Astra produces high quality materials with comfort in mind.  Patients will feel the difference, because garments are manufactured with Naturexx fabric- an anti-microbial latex-free material. The manufacturing process optimizes the compression to have comfortable circulation and enhance the healing process.
Please let us know if our compression garments can be improved in any way. If one of our policies prevents you from conducting business with us, please inform us as we will work with you. Astra is constantly staying abreast of the science behind compression garments by attending seminars throughout the world and receiving feedback from Surgeons.
Compression Garments Made with Naturexx
Astra's compression garments garments are not the regular garments you can get anywhere else. Astra compression garments are especially made with Naturexx fabric- a moisture management system. It removes any moisture preventing bacterial production during use. Naturexx contains similar properties as "Dri-Fit" to keep you cool and dry for long periods of time.
Benefits of Naturexx Fabric:
o    Has moisture management
o    Keeps the wearer cool and dry
o    Evaporates body moisture
o    Decreases the sensation of discomfort
o    Lowers the risk of irritation and rashes
o    Provides optimal performance and comfort
These garments will remain cool and fresh for extended periods of time. Bacterial removal properties are essential during recovery from plastic surgery; open wounds are prone to bacteria production. Naturexx prevents moisture buildup and enhances the recovery period with properties designed with comfort in mind.

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The quest for beauty is the quest for perfection. And even if perfection is not of this world, nothing stops Astra Medical Group from trying to come close.