Estetic Italia is the division of EME srl for BEAUTY OPERATORS. We produce equipment with the lastest electronic innovations, high reliability, minimal modern design for a fast and easy use.
We offer a wide range of products for the face and body with different functions in order to solve the most common beauty problems:
•    Ultrasound for the body
•    Pressure massage for the body
•    Acoustic waves Sculpture Concept
•    Infrared laser for the face and body
•    Intense Pulsed Light for the face and body
•    Radiofrequency for the face and body
•    Hair removing system for the face and body
•    Electroporation
•    Skin exfoliation
•    Remodelling of body contour
•    Cellulites
•    Skin rejuvenation
•    Localised adiposity
•    Permanent hair removal
The experience of EME at national and International levels, the know-how of electro-medical equipment and the search for innovation are concentrated also in this devision. Thanks to this, Estetic Italia offers the technological culture, quality and Italian design in the 70 countries, where EME brand is already established.



The quest for beauty is the quest for perfection. And even if perfection is not of this world, nothing stops Astra Medical Group from trying to come close.