LadyLaser is a personal laser designed and created for women and their needs.
In particular Ladylaser is able to satisfy those requirements that women have with their reproductive system and in their intimate sphere:
•    The desire to reach orgasm more easily and faster
•    The desire to experience more intense sensations during sex
•    The desire to slow down the aging of the genital organ and keep a young-looking appear.
LadyLaser technology was borrowed from the medical and medical-aesthetic field and conveyed to the sexual area to create a product that was not on the market until today and that is an advantage to all women.
LadyLaser allows women to reach the climax more easily and faster.
For women who reach it normally, LadyLaser allows to obtain longer and more intense climaxes. This enables women to reach and feel strong emotions and sensations never felt before.
The stimulation achieved by using LadyLaser takes the place of or enhances the natural sexual excitement reached during prolonged foreplay before penetration.
LadyLaser stimulates the clitoris to achieve further stimulation, reaching orgasm in a sort time with much greater intensity than usually.
LadyLaser can be used to revitalize the sexual activity of “long time” couples and in general to make erotic games easier and more exciting for couples of any age.
To improve sexual function, to reduce orgasm achievement time and to experience longer and more intense orgasms, choose the program Bio Stimulation.
Treatment time: 10 minutes.
As time passes, the female genital organs, just in all the parts of the body, undergo important morphological and structural changes.
Those modifications are slow but can be perceived and strongly increase during the pre-menopausal period.
The loss of turgidity in the external genital organs; the loss of volume in the labia majora resulting flattened and aged; the flush colour is less intense; a progressive ageing of the tissue; these are just some of the most striking aspects that can be found and that can make a woman feel inadequate.
LadyLaser allows working on slowing the aging process of the genital organ and, if used regularly, to visibly improve the appearance and tone of the vaginal mucosa, solving the inconveniences caused by the natural passage of time.
For an optimal rejuvenation effect and to ease out the natural ageing process of the vagina, choose the program Aesthetic Treatment. Treatment time: 15 minutes, 2-3 times a week.
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The quest for beauty is the quest for perfection. And even if perfection is not of this world, nothing stops Astra Medical Group from trying to come close.