The highest possible safety standards

•    High-purity, highly stable, cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel.
•    Dermafill is manufactured to the strictest standards, making it one of the safest products available.
•    Dermafill is CE certified.

Quality products guaranteed

•    Dermafill is a high-viscosity monophasic gel with excellent elasticity
•    The performances of the Dermafill elastic modulus - its ability to take back its initial shape under the dermis after injection - guarantee even shaping of the face, an immediate effect and natural result.
•    This monophasic gel is more flexible and easier to inject, enabling even application of the product.

Guaranteed comfort of use

•    Dermafill offers an all in one solution in a blister pack: One transparent, graduated, pre-filled, sterile syringe; two 27G ½ needles (Dermafill Global and Dermafill Volume) or 30G (Dermafill Meso) needles and two traceability labels.
•    Ergonomic handling with 360° rotation while maintaining high stability and control during the injection.



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